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Cheaper Construction Loans Mean More Custom Homes
2/24/2020 11:20 AM
Posted To: MND NewsWireBuilders are finding that acquisition, development, and construction (ADC) loans in the last half of 2019 were both easier to access and less costly. That may be, in part, behind a fourth quarter 2019 surge in custom home building. The National Association of Home Builders" (NAHB"s) quarterly surve...Read More
MBS Week Ahead: High Gear nCov Fear Pushing Rates Toward All-Time Lows
2/24/2020 9:58 AM
Posted To: MBS CommentaryCoronavirus (or nCov for short) made more disconcerting headlines over the weekend and has generally proven itself to be far more capable in that regard than its long lost cousin, SARS. When the nCov market narrative first emerged in mid-January, the comparison to SARS was still un...Read More
Controller, LO Jobs; Compliance and Servicing Events; Coronavirus Dominating Markets
2/24/2020 7:52 AM
Posted To: Pipeline PressWith the coronavirus driving worldwide markets and politics dominating the headlines, who doesn’t like “easy?” Easy: Krispy Kreme is launching donut delivery. Thank you to Ken S. who passed along this report, brought to us by our friends at the NAR ...Read More
Full Steam Ahead for Refi Boom as Rates Hit New Lows
2/21/2020 2:52 PM
Posted To: Mortgage Rate WatchYesterday"s mortgage rate commentary noted a fresh move down to the lowest levels in more than 3.5 years . With just a bit more improvement, the same is true today . This isn"t some isolated opportunity. Rates have been pushing long-term lows off-and-on for months. In fact, we"ve s...Read More
Existing Home Sales Showing Resilience and Lots of Potential for 2020
2/21/2020 10:12 AM
Posted To: MND NewsWireIf it"s January it must mean fewer home sales. That, at least, has been the recent pattern according to National Association of Realtors (NARs). Existing home sales have bounced up and down on a near monthly basis. Strong sales in December, they rose 3.6 percent month-over-month, were expected to r...Read More
Delinquencies are at Lowest Levels Since 2000
2/21/2020 8:49 AM
Posted To: MND NewsWireTighter underwriting and a strong economy seemingly continue to be reflected in mortgage loan performance. In its "first look" at January loan data, Black Knight says the national delinquency rate hit the lowest level since they began tracking it in 2000. The rate, 3.22 percent, represents a 5.4 pe...Read More
MBS Day Ahead: For Now, It"s Rally Time
2/21/2020 8:47 AM
Posted To: MBS CommentaryThe bond market specializes in making bets about future economic realities even as the stock market reflects shorter-term performance of the biggest companies. "Shorter-term" in this context means a heavy weight given to present day stats and an outlook that extends not m...Read More
New Home Sales, Prices Soar to Record Levels in January
2/21/2020 8:32 AM
Posted To: MND NewsWireThe Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) said information from its January Builder Application Survey shows applications to finance new home purchases surged 40 percent from December and were 35.3 percent higher than in January 2019. This change does not include any adjustment for typical seasonal pa...Read More
Underwriting, Appraisal Products; Lender, Vendor, and Borrower Products
2/21/2020 7:31 AM
Posted To: Pipeline PressYesterday’s commentary mentioned that there were “rumors” of Citi re-entering the correspondent channel. I apologize for any confusion. Readers should understand that Citi has never exited the correspondent channel, and the rumors revolve around Cit...Read More
MBS RECAP: Stock Selling Helped, But Bonds Were Already Rallying
2/20/2020 3:35 PM
Posted To: MBS CommentaryAt the start of the overnight session (yesterday night), 10yr yields were up around 1.58%. By 1030am ET, they'd already fallen to 1.525%. Up until that time, we hadn't heard so much as a peep out of global equities markets even though they would go on to get credit for the ...Read More

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